Cardinal Robinson


With pinstripes and red stitching.

Dress No.1

Pink transparency.

Quilted Ensemble

With spiral zipper.

Dress Too

Chainlink dress.

Hooded Sweatshirt

In white with black. .

Aviator Raincoat

Waterproof jacket with fleece.

Counting Corduroy

Purple corduroy jacket with felt numbers.

Patchwork Polo

Several preexisting pink polo shirts repurposed and patch-worked together.


Hooded sweatshirt with extra large hood and sleeves.

Fire Bag

Leather sling with hand-painted graphic and seat belt strap.

Numbers Bag

Leather sling with hand-painted numbers and seat belt strap.

Silver Bag

Metallic shiny long bag.

2001 Irish-American Vest

Existing sweatshirt modified and embroidered.

Dino Shirt

T-shirt with upside-down dinosaur design.

Duck Shirt

T-shirt with upside-down duck design.

Sheep Shirt

T-shirt with upside-down sheep design.

18 and Over Trench

Thrift store trenchcoat with painted graphic.

College Couture

18 and over trench coat with other thrift store finds.

2001 Denim

2001 painted graphic.

2001 Nike

Painted Nike.

Stuffed Rabbit


Red Desert Giants


2-0-0-1 Relief


Behind the Brands

Documentary film, directed by Cardinal Robinson.

Self Portrait

A portrait of the artist as a young man.